Sweet Baby Grace

Grace was such a tease! We worked so hard to get her into position and she’d throw her arms and legs in the air. Then we’d be ready to reposition her and she’s just lay there and not move a muscle. And when we least expected it, she’d smile!!


At 7 weeks old, little Addyson is one strong-willed little girl! Every time I put her head one way, she’d pull it the other. If I put her on her belly, she’d roll on to her side. If I swaddled her, she wanted out. If I took her blanket off, she wanted it on. She just made me giggle! I think she’s going to be a very confident and independent young lady…and not let anyone tell her what to do!

Nolan & Taylor – age 3

I get all teary-eyed just thinking that they start preschool next week, but at the same time I am very excited for them! They talk about “school” everyday and wake up each morning ready to go! Then I have to break the news that they aren’t going until next week. To make up for not going to school today, I promised that we’d go to the park (I brought my camera along just in case). They absolutely HATE having their pictures taken, but every once in a while I can get them to both look and smile ; )

This is what happened when I asked Nolan to give his brother a hug!


Have you ever met a tiny little peanut that just stole your heat from the moment you met? Little Miss Lilly kept me smiling throughout our session. She surprised us all when she slept for so long and allowed me to capture some pretty cool shots! Here are a few of my favorites…