The Raver Clan

I had the pleasure of photographing fellow photographers Kelley Rhyden & Tracy Raver along with their mom, siblings and kiddos. Quite the fun group! Can you believe these were taken in Kelley’s back yard? It was the perfect spot!


Minis & a Newborn

Klaire & Grace…

Darby & Corgan…

Baby Colin & big brother Jack…

The B Family…


This little sweetheart was so funny! For such a tiny little thing, she managed to have three adults looking like silly monkeys, singing, laughing and talking in funny voices. …but, it was worth it! Just look at that sweet smile!


Another little one I’ve been photographing since birth. Lilly is 9 months old and is already trying to walk! She has such a sweet personality and her eyes light up when her mommy & daddy play with her.


Little Miss Jacquelyn surprised her entire family and arrived five weeks early! She’s hovering around the 5 lb mark, making her my smallest newborn to date. She is also the happiest newborn I’ve had the pleasure of photography, as she smiled repeatedly throughout the session.




Sweet Baby Grace

Grace was such a tease! We worked so hard to get her into position and she’d throw her arms and legs in the air. Then we’d be ready to reposition her and she’s just lay there and not move a muscle. And when we least expected it, she’d smile!!


Have you ever met a tiny little peanut that just stole your heat from the moment you met? Little Miss Lilly kept me smiling throughout our session. She surprised us all when she slept for so long and allowed me to capture some pretty cool shots! Here are a few of my favorites…