There’s a new kid in town!

Ella and Claire welceomed a new baby brother!  Tommy is such a sweatheart and all three were great sports on our session this morning. Here’s a little sneak peek…


The “K” Family

Cole’s big brother & sister were beaming with pride as they showed him off.  He’s a lucky fella to have such a wonderful family!

Minis from the weekend…

The “Y” family…so glad we got together this morning! The lighting was beautiful, the kiddos were happy and the family just looked great! Who could ask for more? Special thanks to mom and dad for their extraordinary efforts to get these gorgeous smiles – well worth it!!

The “Z” family…By far one of the happiest little girls I have ever met.  She smiled the entire time!

The “V” family…I had a lot of fun with this sweet family. Dad had a few funny tricks up his sleeve to get the kiddos laughing!


He is one headstrong little boy. He sure knows what he likes and doesn’t like. Being moved while sleeping is on his “do not like” list, but being cuddled by mommy is definitely on his “likes a whole lot” list!  He finally slipped into a milk coma and let me move him around – he even gave me a little smile! What a sweetheart. Here is a sneak peek from his newborn session…