2014 Limited Edition CD Sessions in Louisville, Nebraska


Christmas Cards – 2013






Brooke, Nolan, Taylor & August

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Limited Edition CD Sessions

Mini sessions are back! There are a limited number of minis for 2011, so book yours today!! 

The Taylan Brooks’ vintage processing is quickly becoming our most popular style requested!  Of course, you can still have our traditional processing – or even a mix of both. To further introduce our new vintage look, we are offering limited edition vintage sessions with CDs! In addition to our incredible minis, we have added a Signature (full-size) CD session to the 2011 special!  To book one of these limited CD sessions, please e-mail Sherry at sherry@taylanbrooks.com.

New Christmas Cards

Here is another batch of Christmas cards for 2009. To view all Christmas cards, go to www.taylanbrooks.com and enter the website, click on PROOFING, and enter “products” for the password under the photo. Select Christmas Cards.

Nolan & Taylor

I can’t believe how much they have grown this past year! With all of my client sessions stacking up, I thought I had better start taking my Christmas photos while I had the chance. Scott and I took the boys downtown for a quick mini shoot. Once the leaves turn, we’ll do a mini at Elmwood too. Here’s a little sampling of downtown…