Alyssa & Kyson

Alyssa was showing off her new baby brother Kyson. She is a very proud big sister! Here is alittle sneak peek from our downtown mini…


Sneak Peeks

This weekend was full of downtown sessions! Here are a couple of sneak peeks…more sessions to come ūüôā



3 Princesses

I had the pleasure of photographing three of the cutest little girls I have ever met!¬†¬†Kyla and her new twin sisters, Adriana and Maiya,¬†were adorable in their matching tutus and accessories.¬†You’d never know it, but we were swarmed by bugs throughout the entire session. Thanks for being such good sports Jessy & Mike!¬† Here’s a little sneak peak from¬†their session at Elmwood last night…¬†


Limited Edition CD Sessions

Mini sessions are back! There are a limited number of minis for 2011, so book yours today!! 

The Taylan Brooks’¬†vintage processing is quickly becoming¬†our most popular style requested!¬† Of course, you can still have¬†our¬†traditional processing –¬†or¬†even a mix of both. To further introduce our new vintage look, we are offering limited edition vintage sessions with CDs! In addition to our incredible minis, we have added a Signature (full-size) CD session to the 2011 special!¬† To book one of these limited CD sessions,¬†please e-mail Sherry at

There’s a new kid in town…

Little Lincoln made his photographic debut this afternoon accompanied by his big sister and two cousins. I can only imagine the fun times these four will share in the future! Here’s a little sneak peek…


The “K” Family

Cole’s¬†big brother & sister were beaming with pride as they showed him off.¬† He’s a lucky fella to have such a wonderful family!

The “V” Family

I always have fun photographing the “V” family!¬† The kiddos always give me great smiles and this year was no exception.¬† Despite the crazy wind that wouldn’t die down, we had a wonderful session in one of my favorite spots.¬† Here is alittle sneak peek…

Minis from the weekend…

The “Y” family…so glad we got together this morning! The lighting was beautiful, the kiddos were happy and the family just looked great! Who could ask for more? Special thanks to mom and dad for their extraordinary efforts to get these gorgeous smiles – well worth it!!

The “Z” family…By far one of the happiest little girls I have ever met.¬† She smiled the entire time!

The “V” family…I had a lot of fun with this sweet family. Dad had a few funny tricks up his sleeve to get the kiddos laughing!